With our knowledge and expertise we aim to support and encourage our customers and also assist organisations for the development and continuity of motorsports.

Only written sponsorship applications that meet all the following criteria are considered;

º The sponsorship must be related to the activities of Race Hardware.
º Sponsorship must be aligned with the brand values of Race Hardware: flair, courage, professional, entrepreneurial and inspiring.
º Sufficient time must pass between the time of application and activity.
º It should be clearly stated what is the performance delivered by both parties.
º Race Hardware does not sponsor events or organizations in any way be related to the themes of alcohol or drugs.
º Race Hardware does not sponsor organizations in any way discriminate on grounds of religion, gender or political affiliation.
º Race Hardware does not sponsor events or organizations engaged politically.
º Race Hardware does not sponsor individual persons or teams.
º Race Hardware will not sponsor obligations that have a longer duration than one year.
º Race Hardware does not sponsor obligations with tacit renewal.
º Race Hardware provides sponsorship in principle only in the form of indirect funding which paid upon the purchase of Race Hardware products.
º Race Hardware does only sponsor within the available limited budget.

At present we are supporting the following organisations:

Supercar Challenge

We regret to inform you our available sponsorship budget for 2017/2018 is completely assigned.